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We are focused on making your home the best it can be, because first impressions really matter! We’ve invested in property preparation, professional photography and in-house design & marketing, so you can be sure that your home will stand out! With B&D Realty you don’t just get an agent, you get an entire team who put in 110% to help you achieve the best possible result.

If you’re interested in what B&D Realty can do for your property, contact us below, we look forward to helping you out!

Selling tips

Market it right

Work with an agent and create a marketing plan to sell your home. Don’t just rely on throwing it online and hoping for the best. Marketing energy = better price. Work with a professional and you’ll get the results you want.

Style your home like you don’t live there

No one wants to see your family photos or your kids toys. Present your home in a way that allows buyers to imagine themselves living there.

Don’t neglect the yard

Outdoor spaces are regarded highly by most home-hunters and can increase the value of a house greatly. Mow the grass, mulch the gardens and trim the hedges.

Use an agent that knows the area

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, a good agent will have an answer and demonstrate a wealth of knowledge for that local area.

Update the facade

A chipped front door and an old letterbox aren't the first things you want a buyer to see going into your home. Take some time to update the front door, fence & letterbox, it’ll make a huge difference.

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