Boost your kerb appeal

Boost your kerb appeal

So you’re wanting to update the exterior of your home but not sure where to start? There are some simple things you can do to update the look of your home without breaking the bank. The exterior of your home is so important when it comes to selling as you only get to make one first impression! B&D Realty are here to help every step of the way, from preparation right through to the sale. Check out some of our favourite ways to spruce up your home and increase your kerb appeal.

1.Foot paths & Driveways
An easy way to freshen up the front of your home is repairing or cleaning up the driveways and pathways. A simple gurney can blast away any built up grime, or even consider painting the driveway for a clean modern look.

2. Show your verandah some love
If your verandah is looking a little worse for wear, sand it back and bring it back to life with a fresh lick of paint or stain.

3. Landscaping
Bring your front yard to life with some greenery. Add a touch of style with some concrete or stone garden beds. These are low maintenance ways to add colour to your yard, whilst still being stylish.

4. Front door
Our personal favourite is to add an eye-catching front door. If the exterior of your house is a little plain, a unique front door can inject a lot of personality to your home. Paint it a bold colour for a real show stopper, or if you’re a little more conservative, there are plenty of doors on offer that have some really unique glass panels.

5. Numbers
Don’t neglect your house number! Make an impact on your front fence by adding a shiny new number – it can make a huge difference

6. Lighting
Replace those old yellow bulbs for some new pendant lighting or some modern recessed lighting. Good lighting can really set the tone, consider adding lighting to your pathways for an ethereal glow at night.

7. Furniture
Toss out that old wicker furniture and replace it with some new stylish chairs or lounge.

These are some simple tips that can really give your home a wow factor! If you ever need help with anything of these tips B&D Realty are happy to pick up a paint brush.

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